Evaporation HV/UHV

  • Box shape chamber with front door, cylindrical chamber with top lid
  • Load-lock with substrate treatment (plasma, ion gun, heating, oxidation)
  • Up to 8″ standard single or multiple substrates
  • Resistive (Joule effect), electron beam or inductive sources
  • Various sample holder functions: heating, water cooling, rotation and/or tilt, LN2
  • Ion gun for sample preparation, etching or assisted deposition (IAD)

  Non-exhaustive list of application references

  • Lift-off processes
  • HMET, PHMET transistors
  • Ohmic and Schottky contacts on GaN
  • IR waveguides
  • Thermal barriers
  • Magnetic materials for microwave applications
  • MEMS encapsultion
  • Josephson junctions and related circuits


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