Diamond growth by MW-PACVD

SSDR 150 is a microwave plasma-assisted CVD ( MW-PACVD) reactor dedicated to diamond film and gem synthesis. This reactor is the result of the collaboration between PLASSYS and the CNRS laboratory LIMHP in Villetaneuse. Using high power density plasma, this reactor provides high purity diamond films at a high growth rate. Because of its optimized microwave and plasma design, the SSDR 150 reactor is a reliable and robust equipment, perfectly adjusted to  the needs of R&D labs. Its easy to clean and change bell jar configuration makes the SSDR 150 especially suitable for doped diamond films.

Reactor characteristics

  • High power density plasma
  • High operating pressure up to 300 mbar or more
  • 6 kW micro-wave generator (switch mode power supply)
  • 4 gas lines (additional lines on request)
  • 2” substrate holder
  • Automatic height adjustment of the substrate carrier during growth (optional)
  • Easy substrate loading/unloading
  • Bichromatic IR pyrometer (475 – 1475 ° C)
  • Turbo molecular pump + dry primary pump
  • Basic reactor pressure: 5×10-7 mbar
  • Fully automated process
  • Low maintenance

Performance of the SSDR150 reactor

Polycristalline diamond

  • No visible nitrogen in PL @ liquid nitrogen temperature

Monocrystalline diamond

  • No nitrogen centers visible in PL @ liquid nitrogen temperature
  • Low concentration of single substitutional nitrogen [NS0] (as measured by EPR)
  • FWHM of the Raman diamond  line at 1332 cm-1 : 1.6 cm-1
  • No infrared absorption from 4000 to 10000 cm-1
  • Growth rate up to 10 µm/h, depending on the growth conditions


Selection of articles from prestigious institutions that trusted our systems for the growth of their CVD diamond crystals:

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  1. 2D inverse periodic opal structures in single crystal diamond with incorporated silicon-vacancy color centers



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