Qubit multi-chamber systems

The quantum computer will be one of the most revolutionary technological advancements of the next decade, (if not of this one’s). In the whole world, many scientific and R&D centers have consistent human and material resources fully dedicated to this quest.

PLASSYS is on par with the rapid development of the qubit devices and proposes a series of systems specifically designed for Josephson Junctions deposition. More than 10 multi-chamber systems have already been sold world-wide and the feedback of our customers has been used for further development of the technology put into our machines.

Multi-chamber and multi-technology HV/UHV systems for 4’’ to 8’’ samples:

  • Load-lock for sample loading/unloading

  • Optional UHV sputtering chamber for Nb an Ti based superconducting films

  • Evaporation UHV chamber

  • Oxidization UHV chamber

The transfer between chambers is ensured by rods and/or articulated arms and both mechanisms are available in manual or automatic mode. Transfer valve operation (open/close) is automatically managed by the system.

Transfer rod UHV compatible

Selection of articles from prestigious institutions that trusted our systems for the synthesis of their qubit devices:

  1. Planar multilayer circuit quantum electrodynamics (Yale)

  1. Implementation of low-loss superinductances for quantum circuits (Yale)

  1. Coherent suppression of electromagnetic dissipation due to superconducting quasiparticles (Yale)

  1. Characterization and reduction of capacitive loss induced by sub-micron Josephson junction fabrication in superconducting qubits (Santa Barbara)

  1. Proximity effect and interface transparency in Al/InAs-nanowire/Al diffusive junctions (Moscow IMPT)

  1. Superconducting Caps for Quantum Integrated Circuits (Rigetti Computing)

  1. Parametrically-Activated Entangling Gates Using Transmon Qubits (Rigetti)

  1. Superconducting phase qubits with shadow-evaporated Josephson junctions (CAS Beijing)

  1. Single-shot read-out of a superconducting qubit using a Josephson parametric oscillator (Chalmers University and M.I.T.)

  1. Realizing Rapid, High-Fidelity, Single-Shot Dispersive Readout of Superconducting Qubits (ETH Zurich)

Our multi-chamber know-how can be applied to a multitude of configuration and applications, other than qubits. Any geometric configuration is possible: in-line, in-angle, starfish shape, etc. We will surely be able to propose you a setup that fits your technological and footprint criteria.

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