Control interface

Two types of control interface are available

Semi-automatic control via binary logic relays or via automatized logic board

Suitable for R&D and/or advanced users, this type of control interface offers, at a lower price than a computer, the tried and true feeling and confidence of button pressing and dial reading from controllers installed in a standard 19“ electrical cabinet. While respecting all the necessary safety protocols for the user and the machine, the physical button-dial interface allows for the sensation of direct interaction with the machine, and it is usually the mode preferred by R&D seasoned specialists. A portable computer can always be added for recording only of the analog inputs/outputs.

Control by PC and proprietary software under Windows PRO

The electrical cabinet can house an industrial computer (17“ 19” or 21“ monitor, keyboard and mouse included) for modern, fully automatic control.

  • RAID back up system
  • SCADA type software stable, flexible, adaptable. Specially designed for our equipment, this software is very efficient, intuitive and user friendly. Its flexibility allows for easy modifications, tuning, and online troubleshooting.

Software features

  • Jscript language for both the interface with the machine and the one with the user allowing for easy source code modifications
  • Interactive (clickable) diagrams and virtual buttons
  • Manual, automatic and semi-automatic modes
  • Recipe creation and execution
  • Analog and digital output/input data recording. Data exportable in Excel, Origin, Kaleida…
  • Continuous one hour volatile memory of all the inputs and outputs
  • User identification and access rights using password
  • Compatibility with other “Active X” programming languages like Labview, Matlab and with communication buses like RS232, RS485, GPIB
  • Compatibility with any stand alone or industrial PC running with Windows Pro
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