To face PLASSYS export demands we are looking for new representatives worldwide. Key factors to become a PLASSYS representative:

  • Thorough knowledge and experience in the technologies proposed by PLASSYS
  • Dispose of a professional network in the thin film R&D and industrial fields
  • Ability to respond to local calls for tenders
  • Exclusivity (should not work with competitors)
  • Proactive attitude consisting in helping the customer to define the technical specification of the machine
  • Help PLASSYS establish a direct contact with the customer so that we are able to discuss the technical specifications and propose the best suitable solution within the budget
  • Ability to provide first level of service on the machine (psychologically important for new customers)
  • Dispose of engineers trained in vacuum technologies who are able to ensure service within the local area (with PLASSYS support)
  • Fast service response time

Focus has to be made on customized systems, mainly for R&D, with vacuum level within the exp(-7) to exp(-10) mbar range. With a typical budget starting at 150K€ and up to 1M€, PLASSYS will develop dedicated systems for specific identified markets.

Targeted applications

  • Deposition by sputtering
  • Deposition by evaporation
  • Ion milling, IBE, CAIBE
  • Diamond growth (SCD and PCD)

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