Business opportunities

To face PLASSYS Export demands we are looking for new Representative’s world wide

Key factors to become a PLASSYS representative:
A good knowledge and experience in the technologies proposed by PLASSYS .
A professional network in the thin film RandD lab net work as well as industrial field.
Ability to respond to local tenders.
Should not work with competitors.
An upstream proactive step consisting in helping the customer to write the technical specification of the machine. (machine specification will match or be close to a PLASSYS product specification) Help PLASSYS to have a direct contact with the customer to be able to discuss the technical specifications to propose the best suitable solution within the budget.

Focus has to be made on customized machine mainly for RandD with vacuum level with in the 10 -7 to 10 -8 mbar vacuum levels. Typical budget from 150K€ up 350k€ PLASSYS will develop dedicated systems for specific identified markets
Ability to do first service level of the machine (psychologically important for new customers)
Trained engineers on Vacuum technologies able to insure sevice within the area (with PLASSYS Support)
Fast service response time

Main target – targeted applications
• Deposition technics (Substrate size for deposition up to 6 ”)
– Evaporation, Sputtering, PECVD
– Surface treatment
– Diamond
– Cluster with robotics
• ETCHING (Substrate size for etching up to 6 ”)
– RIE (ICP available but the market potential must be evaluated)
– Ion milling
– Ashing
– SiO2, Si3N4 deposition in PECVD systems for the following gases SiH4, N2O, NH3
– Diffusion furnace
– Optical layer deposition for the industry
– Deposition equipment for the design and decoration industry

If you are interested please contact us :