After sales service

Our after sales service is ensured by a team of engineers and technicians that, individually and together, have the necessary expertise to cover the whole technical area related to our systems.


  • Troubleshoot all the subassemblies designed and produced by PLASSYS
  • Troubleshoot most of the components produced by our partners, so that the delay, the cost, and the fiability of the repair are usually very appreciated by our customers
  • A philosophy to repair rather than systematically replace the defective component
  • Stock of the most common components to minimize machine downtime
  • Remote (online) diagnosis and maintenance for the computer interfaced machines
  • Hotline for customer support
  • Add-on contracts for maintenance and extended warranty
  • Worldwide  first response time < 72h (working days)

Criteria taken into account when configuring our systems

PLASSYS considers these objectives at all stages in the design of machines, as well as in the selection of integrated components:

  • A technician without special training must be able to perform replacement of faulty parts and first level diagnosis
  • An operator without any specific training must be able to perform the first level of troubleshooting  with simple tools and, if necessary, with support from PLASSYS’s hotline