Manufacturer of equipment for thin film deposition and etching for research and production applications

Scientific skills

They allow us to define the machine design and the expected performance according to the customer final needs.

Technological skills

PLASSYS has designed and built thin film deposition equipments for 30 years. Up to this day all the comissioned machines have met the customer’s needs, the claimed performance parameters have systematically been obtained and often exceeded. Reliability of our equipment is an undeniable fact.

Our customers

The double scientific and technical skills of PLASSYS are very valuable for our customers, especially for the research laboratories which never hesitate to rely on us for their new projects.
Yale University, Glasgow University, CEA, Thales, C.N.R.S, LPN Laboratory, IEMN, SPINTEC Laboratory have trusted PLASSYS technological expertise.
This in depth relationship between PLASSYS and the international research community strengthens PLASSYS skills and allows our equipment to always be at rendez-vous with the cutting edge of technology.


Built on its experience with research laboratories, PLASSYS  often uses its skills, its high quality support, and its know-how for industrial applications in the field of reduced-scale production machines.

PLASSYS technical support and process assistance are key factors for the optimization of production costs and up-time of the industrial systems.